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Allo 🤖

Allo is a vocal tool to help you revalorize your waste.

You can ask him for a tip about a piece of food your are about the throw away or about an old t-shirt you don't want anymore. He will guide you on the way to revalorizate it by giving them an other use.

This project is based on a double will from our team :

  1. Create a solution that is coherent with our global society context.
  2. Explore vocal interfaces technology.

Here is a small teaser :

Allo / Teaser from Sofia Boggio on Vimeo.

We imagine five experts who lives inside Allo, to help you in the best way to reduce waste at home. Each one being specialized in a field.


Paprika is the food expert, Jack knows what to do with your old electronics, Marin is the bathroom expert, Pépin for the garden and Polochon for the laundry and bedroom stuff.
They all answers using a different voice, to help you separate them, like regular human.

The object

We create an object with the base printed in 3D and the rotating plate in laser cuted wood.


An LED ring incorporate on top of the microphone is making a nice light feedback while interacting with the assistant.

On the software side, I choose to use a technology developed by Snips, with a python interface.
It runs locally on a raspberryPi and respect the user privacy by understanding his voice without having to make a request to the cloud.
In a nutshell, Snips enable the developer to recognize the intention of the user and to trigger actions depending on this intention.

For example here, when I ask him the time of our presentation :

You can see our project presentation and demo (in french) during the Gobelins Master degree jury here :

This project was made possible with the great team :